A 6 week weight management course. Introductory offer of only £29.99.

So maybe you're just starting your fitness journey, or you might've been hitting the Gym hard without seeing the results you want... we're here to help you start to fuel your body the right way!

Imagine having a top of the range car and putting the wrong fuel in it.  It just isn't going to work. 

Your body is exactly the same - it needs the right fuel to work efficiently.

The ‘FuelSmart’’ programme will help you choose the right foods to combine with an exercise programme. Over the course of 6 weeks, our trainers will focus their attention on assisting you with understanding the content of food and how these impact weight loss and healthy gains.

What do I need?

We recommend using a MyZone fitness tracker to capture the data of calories used, and the ‘’myfitnesspal app’’ to track calories consumed.


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How long is the programme? This is a 6-week programme to give you a kick start into a healthier eating journey.

What will I achieve from the programme? Understanding of food, calorie counting, how this will impact weight loss and how exercise combined with healthy eating will ensure weight management for the future 

Support and guidance from our fitness coaches...

FuelSmart Week 1

What happens next? Week 1

At the start of your FUELSMART journey, you will have an onboarding session with your Bannatyne Coach. These take approximately 2 hours. In that session, your coach will cover:

Programme Overview

Calorie deficit and macronutrients

Suggested meal plan options

Technology - what tech we will use to support your journey

Inbody assessment and results analysis

Your nutrition profile

A brief introduction to fixed resistance training

FuelSmart Week 2-5

Week 2-5

Each week of your programme you will have a 1.5 hour session with your fitness coach, which will be broken down into:

Weekly review of calorie and activity tracker

Education on fuelling your body

30 min coach-led Bannatyne group workout

FuelSmart Week 6

Week 6

When you get to your final week of the programme your Bannatyne Coach will meet with you for another 121 appointment to review your achievements.

InBody reassessment and review of results

Nutrition profile

Review of Strength development

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